Meet Stephanie

Born in 1970, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is a lifelong Baltimorean. Growing up in Baltimore's Ashburton neighborhood, her parents, Howard and Nina Rawlings, instilled in her a passion for public service that has defined her life.

After graduating from Baltimore's Western High School in 1988, Mayor Rawlings-Blake attended Oberlin College, where her studies in political science cemented her dedication to serving her community. Following college, she returned to Baltimore, where she attended the University of Maryland School of Law and, in 1995, became the youngest person ever elected to the City Council at age 25. For more than 15 years, Stephanie has served as a tireless, thoughtful advocate for Baltimore who always puts people before politics.

Under Mayor Rawlings-Blake's leadership, Baltimore saw its lowest homicide rate in a generation and made nation-leading progress reforming the school system to improve academic achievement and accountability. Putting people first, she stood up to the special interests and closed the largest deficit in modern history – without raising property taxes or laying-off public safety employees. As Mayor, she has been described as "poised, confident and crisply professional, unafraid of making tough decisions" – a tireless leader who always puts people before politics and never loses sight of what's best for Baltimore.

Stephanie and her husband, Kent, live in Baltimore's Coldspring neighborhood with their daughter, Sophia. She is the first Mayor in a generation to send her child to the City’s public schools.

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